By | March 29, 2016

Prior to the installation of wire shelving units inside your closets, there is some work that has to be done first. For preparing your closet to install wire shelving, you should take some time and clear all your belongings from the inside your closet and decide what is worth keeping and what is not.

Once you have reorganized your closet from the inside, you’ll be able to almost double up the available space and this will allow you to install shelving without any major effort and that all wire shelving parts fit in properly. The major part here is to clean out your closet thoroughly and realize that you have to keep things that you will need in future and get rid of those which are not needed any more.

All your stuff that is present inside your closet should first be removed when you have to prepare it for installing wire shelves. This should be considered as your opportunity of ridding off the items that are not being used by you anymore and you do not intend using them in the future either. All such stuff should be donated to some charity or you can give it away to somebody who can be able to use it better than you. In case if all such stuff is not given away by you then the shelves will still remain cluttered and there will be no point in bearing all the hassle.

You should also remove clothes rod and shelving that already exist in your closet. Generally, all it takes is to unscrew the fasteners or screws or you may be required to pull out some nails which hold the pole and shelf in place. Pry bar should be used if something will not budge.

It is also important to patch the nail holes if there are any inside your closet. Wallboard compound should be sued for filling any such holes which might have been left once you had removed your old fasteners. It will help you make your closet look good from the inside and you will only be making holes where they are needed.

After doing that, quickly apply some paint inside the closet to make the scuffed or dirty walls look great. This extra effort that you will do here is definitely going to pay you off each time when your closet door is opened by you. You will be pleased to see a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing closet from the inside as well as outside.

Once your closet has been prepared for the installation of wire storage shelves inside it, make sure that you pick the right system to install it in your closet and avoid any problems later on. Preparing the closet is necessary and picking the right shelving system is, in fact, essential to make sure that all your efforts pay off well.