By | March 29, 2016

When half of your time that you have spared for scrapbooking is only wasted in finding your supplies, it is about time that you get all your stuff organized. Different wire shelving parts help you out a great deal in keeping your stuff out of way and well-organized in one single place. However, small items can easily fall down through the wires as there may not be any dividers or compartments offered by the shelves themselves. When you do scrapbooking, you’re good at decorating and organizing and these skills should be utilized in organizing the shelving. You can definitely have a personalized and usable storage system available to you in short span of time. Here is how to do that.

Braid 3 ribbon strands that are different in colors around the sides or bottom of your wire shelves. This will help in hiding away some metal and dressing your storage area up in a way that will definitely suit the purpose it serves. Ribbons’ ends should be left dangling like the streamers. Beads or buttons should then be knotted onto them in case if you feel the need to do so.

Any comparatively flat items and paper should be stored in plastic trays or stackable metal. Labels should also be stuck to tray’s one side which will be helpful in identifying what the tray carries inside. You can also use some colorful stickers to represent things pictorially instead. The trays should be placed on some shelf after proper stacking and the stickers or labels should be made to face outwards.

Any empty spaces in your wire shelving system should then be filled with empty jars containing buttons, glitter, charms, beads and sequins. The jars should be placed into rotatable spice rack having flat base. The rack should be placed on wire shelf then. Even the jars may not sit stably on wires but racks base is definitely going to be stable.

Bigger 3D items should be put in Mason jars. With glass jars it is really easy to locate ribbon spools, scissors, markers and plastic flowers. The lids should be screwed on whenever possible but when tops of colored pencils or scissors stick out of jars, lids should be left off. The jars need to be stashed on wire shelves.

You can also look for some wooden or metal tea tray having shallow lip. Rubber stamps can be arranged on this tray in single layer making sure that each of them can be easily identified. Finally, you can put it on some shelf.

If there are any unattractive items like glue bottles, butcher paper and hole punches, you should stack them all in the canvas drawers. These drawers can be placed on your stainless steel wire shelving.

With these simple ideas, your scrapbook storage needs can be fulfilled easily without having to worry about anything.