By | March 29, 2016

There is so much of inventory that the restaurants often have handle. Determining where this inventory should be stored until it has to be used can really become a headache for you. Wire shelving can be your main weapon down this road. It is possible to make shelving units that can easily fit in any space around the restaurants and it is likely that you have areas in odd shapes for the storage of your cool and dry items.

Most significant of all decisions that you have to make while purchasing wire shelving parts is that which type you will be using in various situations and locations in the restaurant. The reason is that different kinds of shelving units will do a better job in specific situations.

Plated shelving, for instance, is best for areas where it is possible for the metal to get rusted. These shelves are chrome plated and they resist rust. They can easily handle around 150 Lbs on each shelf. These shelves can be a perfect choice for the dry storage. It is durable, affordable, and you can fit caster set with it to increase its mobility.

Another option for you is to go for wire shelving that is epoxy coated. These wire shelves tend to be rust proof and you can use them in the walk ins. They’re usually on the expensive side as compared to plated shelving. However, epoxy coating tends to get affected with the passage of time, particularly, on shelves with so much metal sliding around. You can, however, replace the individual shelves pretty easily. The weight that these can survive is also around 150 Lbs but if the weight limit increases then they will start warping and bending. If heavier items have to be stored, such as potatoes or rice sacks, then something else should be chosen. For such applications, you should better go for dunnage racks. They tend to be 12-16 inches in height and they’re heavy duty units which are built like stools with long feet. They have the capacity of handling immense weight and can be used with the shelving system that you may already be using. All you have to do is to leave out that bottom shelf and simply slide the rack underneath. Here most commonly used materials are aluminum and plastic, and both of them rust-proof as well.

Casters are also important for any shelving system that may be used in restaurant settings. The reason is that at some point in time it will become necessary for you to move the shelves to clean things off. So, casters will make things a lot easier for you in such scenarios. Furthermore, they provide bottom shelves with some added clearance from the floor which is something recommended and liked by health inspectors. Generally, 6 inches clearance is needed to clean the spaces underneath the shelves.